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14. Januar 2007

Library 2.0 im Jounal „Computers in Libraries“

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Die neuste Ausgabe ( Vol. 27, Iss. 1.) des Journals „Computers in Libraries“ widmet sich dem Thema Library 2.0 in mehreren Artikeln, wenn jemand die Artikel online findet würde ich mich über eine Nachricht freuen.:

Chase, Darren (2007). „TranSfOrmatiVe Sharing with Instant Messaging, Wikis, Interactive Maps, and Flickr“. :

The new face of my library is transparently interactive. Collaborative Web tools, including wikis, instant messaging, and social networking sites, have transformed our reference services, staff intranet, and interactions with users and stakeholders. Along the way, these tools have created a new face of usability for the library. We all know that transformation can be scary, and new faces are not always welcome.

Huwe, Terence K (2007). „Surfing the Library 2.0 Wave“:

There’s an ocean full of metaphors we can use to help us grasp the opportunities arising from „everything 2.0,“ but I have a favorite-surfing. Surfing sounds great, but requires skills that „hodads“ may not have thought about. There are wipeouts galore, courage is required, and most of all, staying in synch with a moving target requires the ability to focus. So in thinking about 2.0 stuff, I’ll stick with my surfing metaphor, knowing that all of us have plenty of career experience ending up in the white water.

Balas, Janet L (2007). „eLearning About Library 2.0“:

Librarians are feeling threatened from all sides these days, from the Internet with its promise of quick and easy answers to every imaginable question to commercial establishments such as Borders that offer ambience and refreshments alongside the books. Then there is also the perception of stodginess that clings to us, the perception that librarians look only to the past, resisting change until forced to accept it. Librarians seek to counter these threats and dispel their stodgy image, sometimes in an almost frantic manner, by rushing to keep up with the latest trends in technology and society.

Coombs, Karen A. (2007). „Building a Library Web Site on the Pillars of Web 2.0“:

Update: Von Anne gibts eine kurze Zusammenfassung des Artikels  bei netbib.

A year and a half ago when I started as the head of libraries’Web services, the University of Houston (UH) Libraries was undertaking a project to dramatically reshape its Web site. The site had been in a state of flux and it needed a new structure for both managing and organizing it. At the time, all content was passed through the Web services department before becoming part of the site. As a result, making updates was a time-consuming task and significant portions of the site were out-of-date. In addition, the site’s structure was rigid and inflexible and provided no space for staffer users to participate.

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