Bibliothek 2.0 und mehr …

21. Mai 2007

Was kommt nach der Bibliothek 2.0?

Filed under: Fun — patrickd @ 9:00

Ein netter Dialog aus der NGC4LIB Mailingliste:

> I was getting tired of all the „2.0“ talk anyway. Proceeding
> ordinally, what comes after „Third Order?“ Fourth Estate and Fifth
> Column are already taken.

No, after Library 3.0 comes Library 3.1, then Library for Workgroups.
Then it jumps straight to Library 96 and then Library 98 before
forking into one stream that becomes Library NT and Library XP, while
the other becomes Library ME before being quietly swept under the
carpet. Of course, each new Library release will need hardware twice
as powerful as the previous version did, but will still only run half
as fast. The good news is that by the time we reach Library XP, we’ll
only need to reboot it a couple of times a day.

Danke an Mike Taylor.

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